The SCOPE of Hellenic NARIC is

  1. the academic recognition of titles awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions (H.E.I.)
  2. the provision of information on educational systems and accreditation of greek and foreign H.E.I. and titles.

In order to achieve its objectives, Hellenic NARIC:

a) Collects and processes the information and data concerning the greek higher educational system

b) Collects and processes the information and data concerning higher education on European and international level, monitors international developments in this field, informs the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, as well as the higher educational institutes on issues of foreign higher education and provides information to foreign higher education institutes or competent centers, on the organization of greek higher education.

c) Participates in meetings and other events organized by international organizations and especially by the european network of respective national academic recognition and information centers (NARIC), of which it is a member.

d) Cooperates with bodies that aim in evaluating the quality of higher education concerning issues of common interest.


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