To apply for the recognition of a title awarded by a foreign Higher Education Institution you should visit the platform

To apply for the recognition of a foreign Higher Education Institutions, please

  1. (a) fill out the following application form from below
  2. (b) transfer the nominal amount for the recognition of a Higher Education Institution which comes up to 1024€ (1000€ for the procedure + 24€ bank charges, not including any transfer fees). The bank details of the account where you should transfer the money is: BANK OF GREECE SWIFT CODE: BNGRGRAA IBAN: GR05 010 0024 0000 0000 26072595
  3. (c) email your application and proof of payment to or send them through regular mail to DOATAP, 54 Ag. Konstantinou St., 10437 Athens, Greece.
    Application for Degree Recognition  
    Application for Recognition of an Institution  b  



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