Documents required for Recognition of Degrees from foreign Institutions  b  
  1. Application form (can be provided by the DOATAP secretariat or downloaded from our website).
  1. Fee of EUR 230.40(EUR 225 + 2.4% additional charges) [for undergraduate titles] or EUR 184.32 (EUR 180 + 2.4% additional charges) [for postgraduate titles] payable to the Bank of Greece (SWIFT CODE: BNGRGRAA, IBAN: GR05 0100 0240 0000 0002 6072 595). In the case of co-examination of titles, both of the above fees are required. On the deposit slip should be referred as depositor the citizen requesting recognition.
  1. Copy of passport or identity card certified by Greek Official Embassies/Consulates/Greek Lawyers
  1. An official statement of law (N. 1599/86) stating:
    1. all submitted documents are original.
    2. there has been no other application for accreditation to DOATAP or any other Public Authority.
    3. the place of study (for all the years of study)
  1. A certified copy of High School Diploma. For non E.U. countries, the U.S.A., the former U.S.S.R. and Canada, one must also submit a certificate issued by a qualified authority of the country (i.e. cultural Attache of the relative Embassy in Greece) stating that the holder of the specific High School diploma has the right to enter higher education.
  1. A certified copy of the degree to be recognised. The degree must also be verified for authenticity reasons according to the Hague Convention (APOSTILLE). For countries not participating in the Hague Convention, both the degrees and the official transcript should be certified by the Consular Authorities of Greece at the country in which the degree has been obtained. Alternatively, if the degree is not verified as described above, then the official transcript must be sent directly from the University to DOATAP.
  1. An official transcript (grades from all subjects and from all the years of study, signed and stamped by the University, stating the date of award). If the transcript is not stamped according to the Hague Convention or verified by the Consular Authorities of Greece (for countries not participating in Hague Convention), it must come directly from the University to DOATAP.
  1. A certificate for the location of studies must be sent by the Institution directly to DOATAP. If the certificate is not written in Greek, English or French, then, additionally, it should, be submitted stamped according to the Hague Convention. The certificate should verify that all applicants studies, from .. to .., took place and were completed in (country, city, campus) and nowhere else. For PhD degrees with no coursework required, instead of the abovementioned certificate, the Institution should send directly to DOATAP a confirmation letter referring to students personal data, study programs duration and type, graduation date, research supervision and thesis defense. For distance learning studies, instead of the abovementioned certificate, the relevant questionnaire will be completed by the Institution and sent directly to DOATAP.
  1. A Syllabus / Bulletin of the Institution if either the Institution or the faculty has not been accredited by DOATAP.
  1. Dissertation / thesis (for postgraduate degrees) along with a greek summary in the case of a doctorate thesis (returned at the end of the recognition procedure).



  1. If documents are submitted by someone else, an authorization or a validation of the applicants signature by the Police is required.
  1. All documents must be officially translated if they are not in English or French. Translation should be made at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / the Greek Consular Authorities in Greece or by an authorized lawyer.
  1. If there are intermediate titles before a degree is issued, these must be submitted as well.
  1. For doctorate titles from Albania, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, more documents are needed (information at the Information Department in DOATAP).
  1. For medical degrees from E.U countries, a professional license is also required.
  1. In the case of co-examination of titles a fee of EUR 414,72 is necessary.


  1. DOATAP is free to ask for any further evidence concerning ones studies.
  1. No application is examined if all required documents have not been submitted



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