Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center

54, Ag. Konstantinou Str., 10437 Athens

Open to the public:

The protocol of Hellenic NARIC accepts documents submitted only by e-mail (protocol@doatap.gr), or send by the Hellenic Post and courier.

Citizens should make their enquiries by e-mail (information_dep@doatap.gr).

For telephone assistance call on 210-5281000, Monday to Friday, from 12:30 -14:00.

Personal public service is available Monday to Thursday, from 09:00 – 12:00. In order to stop the spread of the virus, personal public service is limited to the public that comes to receive documents. Employees serve by phone the citizens visiting the center for information, while they remain in the entrance of the building.

The update of the progress of the electronic applications for recognition of academic titles and diplomas is carried out exclusively by the platform e-doatap.gr. For the course of paper applications for recognition of academic titles and diplomas, which have been submitted before 20/05/2019, be informed here (online application process).

Requests for authentication are sent via email to gnisiotita@doatap.gr.


Branch of Hellenic NARIC in Thessaloniki

Address: Ministry of Macedonia, Thrace – Central Offices, 54123 Thessaloniki


Telephone: 2310 379 373, 2310 379 372, 2310 379 106.

If you have any suggestions for our website contact us at information@doatap.gr