identity of the Organization

D.O.A.T.A.P – Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (Hellenic NARIC) is the official body of the Hellenic Republic for the academic recognition of titles and qualifications awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions, as well as for the provision of accurate information on the Higher Educations Institutions and qualifications in Greece and abroad.

The Hellenic NARIC is a Public Legal Entity, supervised by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, based in Athens.

The Organization uses the name “Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (Hellenic NARIC)” in its international relations. Under this name, it is a member of ENIC network (European Network of National Information Centers) and NARIC network (National Academic Recognition Information Centers). DOATAP reports to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs on the Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC) and informs UNESCO, the Council of Europe and LRC Committee on the issues falling within its competency.

History & Institutional Framework

Hellenic NARIC has a long history, starting in 1977, with many changes in its structure and nature.

Purpose – Work – Actions

The Hellenic NARIC’s main mission is: a) The recognition of titles awarded by recognized foreign higher education institutes and b) the provision of information concerning higher education studies domestically and abroad.

In order to achieve its purpose, Hellenic NARIC operates in the framework of specific activities and partnerships.

Board of directors

The BoD is composed of the President, the Vice President and five members, as defined on 31.12.2022 in the Government Gazette Issue of O.G.B.P.A. 1221.