How to study in Greece

According to the Greek law 4957/2022, holders of academic degrees awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions do not have to apply to DOATAP for the recognition of their degree, as a prerequisite to continue their studies at a higher level in a Greek Higher Education Institution (MSc; PhD).

For continuing your studies in Greece, you apply directly to the University and program you are interested in, according to its admission requirements.

The University is responsible for the academic assessment of your degree/s. For this purpose, the University examines whether the institution that awarded your title belongs to the National Registry of Foreign Recognized Higher Education Institutes and whether the title type belongs to the National Registry of Foreign Recognized Academic Title Types of recognized foreign institutions posted on the DOATAP website. If either the awarding foreign Higher Education Institution or the title type of your degree are not included in the above mentioned Registries, the Greek University will contact DOATAP in order to examine them.

Note that the official portal Study in Greece provides information and support regarding studying and living in Greece.