Our History

The (pre)history of the Hellenic NARIC and the relevant legislation.

Until 1977

Recognition of degrees by the Universities

Until 1977, in Greece, the universities were exclusively responsible for the recognition of titles awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions.


DIKATSA (Law 741/1977) BOARD OF EQUIVALENCE (Law 576/1977)

The Multidisciplinary Center on the Recognition of Foreign Qualifications (DI.K.A.T.S.A) was established under law 741/1977. Until March 2005 DIKATSA was exclusively responsible for the recognition of titles and qualifications awarded by foreign universities. The Board of Equivalence was established by law 576/1977, being responsible for the equivalence of the Titles and Qualifications as well as the Greek and foreign Schools, Faculties and Departments of Technical and Professional Education and the classification of students or graduates in a specific semester of studies in various Schools.


ITE (Law1404/1983)

In 1983, the Institute of Technological Education (I.T.E) was established under law 1404/1983. Its task was to propose to the Minister on educational and scientific matters of higher technological education. ITE was responsible for the following: (a) to decide if schools, faculties and departments of higher non-university education abroad are of the same level with T.E.Is. (Technological Educational Institutes), (b) to decide on the equivalence of their awarded qualifications and their correspondence, if any, with the degrees awarded by T.E.Is., (c) making referrals to a specific semester of studies in T.E.I. or to additional exams in specific subjects in T.E.I. for those holders of foreign technical education titles which could not be recognized as equivalent or correspondent to degrees awarded by T.E.Is. The responsibilities of the Board of Equivalence were, then, passed on I.T.E.


In April 2005 both the Public Legal Entity under the name DIKATSA (Law741/1977) and the public authority I.T.E. (Law1404/1983) were abolished and their responsibilities passed on the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (Hellenic NARIC), in compliance with Law 3328/2005.


In July 2022, law 3328/2005 was abolished, and ever since, the function of DOATAP and the legal process of academic recognition are determined by articles 297-316, 442-444 και 479-481 of law 4957/2022