DOATAP at platform

The connection of DOATAP with the platform was put into productive operation and delivered to the public. In total, 180,000 completed DIKATSA/DOATAP identification acts were posted, covering the period of the last 35 years.

The holder of a final recognition act (equivalence, equivalence & correspondence, academic equivalence) can now receive a certificate with all the elements of the act, with a unique verification code and an advanced electronic seal (QR) of that ensures the authenticity of the document. In this way, she/he can send it digitally, or submit it in printed form.

Entities seeking verification of the authenticity of the recognition act can do so by filling in the verification code or by scanning the QR code in the appropriate form on the platform.

The acts available for issuing a certificate are only those with final recognition of any type (act (equivalence, equivalence & correspondence, academic equivalence, first cycle certificate) of the three levels of study (bachelor, master, doctorate). It does not include acts or decisions charging for courses (compensatory measures) or rejection decisions.

Since the digital processing of some thousands of acts is still in progress, those who do not find the certificate of their act or detect any errors, are kindly requested to send an e-mail to